Dealing With Insurance After a FL Hurricane

Hurricane Ian has dealt some significant damage to many Floridians. If you’re trying to pick up the pieces from this natural disaster, you’ll have to deal with your insurance company – which isn’t a task many people look forward to.


Before you speak to your insurance, you should first work to understand what your rights are in this situation and what you are entitled to.

Floridians, Maybe Save That Stimulus? 14 Tropical Storms Predicted!


COVID-19 isn’t the only natural disaster that Floridians are worried about this year. The tropical storm season is coming and 2020 is expected to be bad.


Up to 8 hurricanes are predicted, which is likely to cause untold amounts of damage. Insurers are anticipating a sharp increase in property damage claims from residents seeking compensation.


With the economy in the tank and millions

Weather the Storm: How Floridians Can Stay Safe in a Hurricane


While hurricane season begins in May, Floridians know that season’s peak is actually just about to arrive. Despite its drop in expected severity, the news of Hurricane Barry in New Orleans nevertheless has many coastal residents preparing for torrential rains.


Florida residents should take the time this month to ensure that they will be safe should they need to weather a big storm this

Irma Claim Delays: Is Your Florida Insurer Acting in Bad Faith?


When we purchase property insurance, we do so under the assumption that our insurers will stand by us in the event of the unthinkable, and provide adequate coverage to help us recover if our property is ever damaged or destroyed.


Unfortunately, insurance companies are for-profit companies. Despite all of the feel-good commercials and catchy jingles letting you know they’ll always be there for you,

What to Know Before Filing a Hurricane Property Damage Claim


Hurricane Irma was a massive, record-breaking storm.


Nearly 6.3 million Floridians were ordered to evacuate – one of the largest evacuations in our country’s history – and within the first four hours of Irma making landfall in our state, 1.3 million people lost power.


Let’s also not forget the torrential rain and fierce sustained winds and wind gusts felt here in South Florida

Ten Deadliest and Most Destructive Hurricanes to Hit Florida




Hurricanes in Florida: An All Too Familiar Event


High winds, torrential rains, property damage, and even death: The trademarks of a hurricane are unmistakable. A hurricane is a tropical storm that develops over water – usually in the Caribbean or off the coast of Africa – and then moves west, picking up heat and energy.