When AI Goes Wrong: Suing Self-Driving Car Manufacturers

Self-driving cars have promised a future of safer and more efficient transportation. However, as this technology evolves, there is a growing concern about what happens when AI-controlled vehicles go wrong.


While self-driving cars have the potential to reduce accidents, there are still circumstances in which individuals might have legal grounds to sue self-driving car manufacturers for accidents or defects. This blog will delve into these

The Surfside Condominium Collapse: Legal Remedies for the Victims

On June 24, 2021, the world was shaken by the tragic collapse of the Champlain Towers South condominium in Surfside, Florida. What was once a symbol of seaside luxury turned into a devastating scene of destruction and loss. The collapse not only claimed the lives of many residents but also shattered the lives of countless families, friends, and loved ones. As the community mourns and begins

What Should Floridians Do If Injured Using EzriCare Eyedrops?

EzriCare Eyedrops have recently made headlines for their potential to cause serious bacterial infections. 


In fact, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a health advisory warning healthcare providers and the general public about the risk of using contaminated EzriCare Eyedrops. 


The warning comes after a number of cases were reported where individuals who used the product experienced serious eye

Was Your Child Injured By a “Dragon’s Breath” Candy in FL?

Dragon’s Breath. Have you heard of it? This popular candy trend has been making its rounds in Florida and across the country recently.


It’s a cereal-based snack that’s frozen using liquid nitrogen and served in a cup. Though it’s marketed as a fun and interactive treat, it’s quickly becoming a source of concern for both parents and health officials.


In recent months, several children

Florida Holidays See More Accidents — Here’s Why



The holidays are a time of year known for many things—presents, parties, and, of course, injuries. The injuries sustained over the holidays can be minor or quite severe, but statistics reveal that the holidays in Florida see an increase in accidents.


Injuries over the Florida holidays can result from an unlawful act or the negligence of another, which is why anyone injured in

Product Liability: What Happens If You’re Hurt by a Recalled Product?

In the United States and in Florida, there are product regulations regarding consumer products that make sure they’re safe to use as intended. Still, it’s not uncommon for a product to be discovered to cause harm after it’s been released. In those cases, it is recalled.


Recently a large salad dressing manufacturer recalled two of its products. This product recall was voluntarily done, because the