The Top Causes of Florida Truck Accidents

Florida highways are busy places, and large trucks are a vital part of the system. Unfortunately, some of the most catastrophic accidents occur due to their speed and size.


Why is truck crashes so common? There are many reasons truck accidents occur in Florida, but also several common threads. If you understand the top reasons behind truck accidents in the Sunshine State, then it may be possible to change your behavior to avoid them.


Here are the most common causes of Florida truck accidents and what you should do if you are involved in one.


Causes of Truck Accidents


In Florida, some of the most common causes of devastating truck accidents are:


Driver Negligence


Some common ways truck drivers are negligent on the roads are:


  • Too fatigued to drive
  • Under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Distracted by something

Driving recklessly and speeding are negligence if they result in an accident. Commercial truck drivers are subject to specific regulations and laws to keep people on the roads safe. If they fail to abide by these, then they put others at risk.


Negligence By the Trucking Company


The truck driver isn’t the only party who can be negligent – the trucking company can too. Companies that do not maintain their trucks or actively ask their drivers to ignore regulations can be considered negligent if an accident occurs.


Negligence by a Third Party


Other companies can aid in a truck accident. Any company that supplies defective parts for a truck that directly lead to an accident can be held accountable. Third-party liability is a complex topic, which is why It’s important to discuss your case with an experienced attorney.


How to Help Avoid Accidents


Even though large trucks can cause accidents, there are some things you can do in your smaller vehicle to try to stay safe on the roads.


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Always remember to practice defensive driving, staying on the lookout for anyone who may be driving recklessly or negligently. Keep all your attention on the road, keeping distractions to a minimum. You can also reduce your chances of being involved in an accident if you stay safe from the car in front of you, avoid sudden moves, and use your indicators when changing lanes.


If driving behind a large truck, be aware that they can block things ahead of you, such as stoplights or slowed traffic. Keeping a good distance behind them will help increase your visibility. Stay mindful that trucks have a large blind spot, too. When passing a truck, they may not be able to see you, so you should always pass them on the driver’s side to help avoid accidents.


Tips to Follow After a Truck Accident


If you are involved in a truck accident, you should know what to do in its aftermath. A few tips include:


Seek Medical Care


As soon as possible after an accident, you should seek medical care. At the scene, after contacting law enforcement, you can also call for an ambulance if your injuries are severe. Alternatively, you can go to the hospital or see your doctor. The sooner you have your injuries assessed, the better position you’ll be in later to bring a lawsuit.


Document the Scene


Take as many photos as possible of the scene. You can use these later to show how the truck was at fault or negligent in the accident. Tire marks, damage to vehicles, injuries, the placement of the vehicles, and parts of the truck are good areas to focus on as you snap some pictures to keep for your own documentation.


Watch Your Words


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Watch what you say and do in the wake of a truck accident. Don’t admit fault, and never apologize. Let the insurance companies and your lawyers do the talking after the accident.



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