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Personal Injury Case Results


Motor Vehicle Accident

An elderly married couple was rear-ended by a private school-bus, causing massive property damage and catastrophic injuries to both.  The defendant bus company destroyed evidence in violation of a Court Order, the bus had bald tires, and the driver of the bus was terminally ill at the time of the crash.

Toddler Drowned in Pool

A two-year old toddler, the youngest of 5 children, tragically lost her life when she fell into the pool at her family’s rented home.  The home was delivered to the family by its absentee owners without any of the pool safety features required by Florida law pursuant Florida’s “Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act” (Florida Statutes Section 515 et.seq.).  The out-of-state landlords’ insurers paid their full policy limits and the uninsured management company paid $40,000.  The claim is still pending against the bank that sold the non-compliant home to the absentee landlords out of foreclosure and a local pool company that serviced the pool prior to the victim’s family moving in.

Golf-Cart Collision

A recently retired school teacher from New York was operating her golf cart on a sidewalk in her gated retirement community when the defendant lost control of his Cadillac Escalade and struck her in the rear.  The Escalade completely ran over the golf cart, killing the operator instantly.   The case settled confidentially for tenders of all available automobile and umbrella coverage for the Cadillac operator and all policies of uninsured motorist coverage for the golf cart operator.

Premises Liability

A 17 year-old opera singer with a bright future almost lost her life when she sat down on an ottoman at a popular local Italian restaurant.  When she sat down, her dress wafted into an open candle, one of many that had been placed on the floor for “atmosphere.”  The open candle ignited the dress, causing massive third-degree burns over 30% of the unfortunate teen’s body.


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