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Drunk driving accidents are particularly frustrating and devastating because they are entirely preventable. Yet every day, drivers in Florida and around the country choose to get behind the wheel after drinking, and on average, there is one drunk-driving-related injury every two minutes nationwide. This makes drunk driving one of the most prevalent causes of car accidents in our country.

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, the US loses $199 billion on drunk driving accidents every year. For individuals who were severely injured or who lost a loved one in a drunk driving accident, the cost is immeasurable. In addition to facing steep medical expenses, an injured party may suffer from a temporary or permanent disability that drastically alters their life and makes it difficult or even impossible to return to work. This can significantly impact their household income and dramatically affect their quality of life—unless they recover the compensation necessary for all injury-related costs.

Our Florida injury attorneys at The Winston Law Firm cannot undo the accident that changed your life, but we can fight for your rights if a drunk driver injures you. Drunk driving is not only illegal; it is a reckless endangerment of lives, and the people who engage in this thoughtless behavior need to be held accountable.

At The Winston Law Firm, we work closely with clients to aggressively pursue drunk drivers who have caused serious injury, pain, and suffering. Our compassionate and diligent legal team will work with you and your family to show that an intoxicated driver was at fault in your accident and that you deserve to be compensated so that you can move on with your life as best you can.

Why Drunk Driving Is So Problematic

If you were to take a poll on the streets of South Florida, just about everyone you came across would readily admit to knowing that drunk driving is dangerous, yet many of those people may have also driven after “just a few drinks” in the past month. The problem with drunk driving is that many people do not realize that they are too intoxicated to drive, and the more they drink, the more permissible behavior that they previously said was dangerous—drunk driving—seems to become.

Many people also think driving after a few drinks is excusable if they have no other way of getting home. They may argue that they drove to the bar or party and do not want to leave their car, that public transportation is unreliable, or that they do not want to pay for a cab. None of these excuses justify endangering other people’s lives, though.

Unfortunately, having just a few beers before driving may be too many. Research has shown that at a BAC of .02, well below the legal limit for driving, people begin to experience some loss of judgment (making them less well-equipped to judge their condition) and a decline in the ability to perform two tasks simultaneously. Because driving requires people to focus on many aspects of their environment, even this relatively low BAC level can leave people too impaired to drive safely.

At a BAC of .05, people experience a slowed reaction time, impaired visual perception, reduced coordination, and difficulty processing information quickly. Someone with a BAC of .05 is at a significantly increased risk of getting into an accident due to their impairment, yet this level is still below the legal limit.

Andrew Winston can help you pursue justice even if the person who caused your accident was not charged with a DUI. We recognize that a BAC of .08 is an arbitrary cut-off point, and many other factors must be considered when determining a driver’s negligence. We will look closely at all the evidence available to show that the other driver was at fault in the accident and should be held responsible for your injuries.

Work with The Winston Law Firm to Curb Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is a widespread problem in our country. According to MADD, 29.1 million Americans (more than the population of Texas) admitted to driving while intoxicated. Perhaps even more alarming, the average drunk driver gets away with driving drunk 80 times before their first arrest.

This problem is not something that can be resolved overnight, but you can help bring attention to the issue by shining the spotlight on someone who harmed you or a loved one in a drunk driving accident. By working with a car accident attorney at The Winston Law Firm, you can help show that there are consequences to driving under the influence.

If you or a loved one was harmed in an accident caused by a drunk driver, it’s in your best interest to contact The Winston Law Firm as soon as possible so that your personal injury attorney can start building a strong case. We will do everything possible to get you the compensation you deserve to move forward with your life. We also typically work on a contingency basis, so you will not have to worry about paying us any attorney fees until you receive the compensation you need.

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