The Winston Law Firm Fights for South Florida Pedestrian Accident Victims

If you live in Florida, you might have a decent idea of how dangerous streets and walkways in our cities can be for pedestrians. Unfortunately, by its very nature, Florida draws many visitors from all over the country and the world – many of whom know little about Florida beyond the sunshine and beaches they see in movies and TV shows.

So, exactly how bad are pedestrians faring here? According to statistics, Florida is one of the country’s most dangerous states for pedestrians. Many Florida cities have higher pedestrian fatalities than busy cities like Boston and Seattle. Government officials have been pushing to improve things for those who need to walk in and around Florida cities, but that does little to help those who have already suffered or will suffer in an accident.

That is where The Winston Law Firm comes in. We understand exactly how devastating these kinds of accidents can be for pedestrians and have made it our mission to fight hard to get you the compensation that you need and deserve to pay for medical bills and get your life back on track.

Common Places Where Vehicles Injure Pedestrians

The first thing pedestrians should know is how to avoid getting hit by a vehicle. It starts by knowing which cities and areas around our state have the highest risks.

Crosswalks. Since crosswalks are designated places where pedestrians should walk, you might be surprised to find them on this list. Unfortunately, Florida crosswalks have proven to be quite dangerous—especially in areas highly trafficked by pedestrians and motorists. You can lower your chances of getting hit by waiting for the light to change completely and crossing with a crowd of other people, but drivers still need to take care and give you the right of way.

The airports. Millions of tourists visit Florida airports every single year. That means an incredibly high foot and vehicle traffic is often at odds. Accidents frequently occur because people always rush to get to and leave airports.

Sidewalks. Even when walking off the street in Florida, you are not safe. Reckless, distracted, and drunk drivers have been known to merge onto sidewalks and injure pedestrians accidentally, so you always need to watch out.

Parking lots. Pedestrians always need to take care in parking lots because drivers may not be paying attention when they pull out or may be unable to see you walking due to other parked cars. Due to its many indoor parking garages, Florida also has another issue: drivers hitting pedestrians because they cannot see them due to poor lighting.

What Causes Pedestrian Accidents in Florida?

While pedestrians can and should take more care with their safety when walking around Florida, our state’s laws give pedestrians the right of way and require that drivers always be aware of them. Because of this, a high number of pedestrian accidents should legally be considered the driver’s responsibility.

What are some reasons drivers might run into a person who is walking?

They do not notice crosswalks. Whether it is due to driver inattention, poorly marked crossing areas, or simply a failure to yield, there are all kinds of reasons why far too many drivers still end up hitting people even though they are crossing the street in a designated area.

They ignore traffic signs and signals. Everyone has attempted to speed through an intersection to “beat” a light before it turns red, but if a driver does this as a pedestrian is attempting to cross, serious injuries can and do occur.

They get distracted. Florida is full of distracting sights and vistas that can pull any driver’s focus away from the road, but even on local streets, away from all the action, pedestrians get hit. Why? Take your pick. Smartphones are a huge problem, especially with younger drivers, but even something as simple as a driver talking to a passenger can cause a distraction that leads to an accident.

They drink and drive. People come here to relax, let loose, and party. When individuals drink and get behind the wheel, it is a recipe for disaster. This is especially true for pedestrians not protected by being inside another car.

They speed. Drivers going too fast on our roadways is an epidemic that can lead to many problems. Still, it is particularly deadly when pedestrians get hit by a fast-moving vehicle because the force of the impact (and, thus, the physical damage that they suffer) goes up astronomically with even a small increase in speed.

They do not stop for school buses. This is a problem that is worth singling out in our area because the people most likely to become victims of a pedestrian accident are kids and the elderly. If your child is hit by a vehicle because it refuses to stop for a school bus, you deserve compensation – and they need to be held liable.

You Need a Lawyer Who Intimately Understands Pedestrian Accident Law

Our attorneys at The Winston Law Firm have successfully handled various cases involving pedestrian accidents and have earned millions in compensation for our clients. This is not the type of case where any lawyer can step in and do a good job, so you want to ensure that the person you hire understands pedestrian accident law in our state, both backward and forward.

You also want someone that you trust to fight for your best interests. While no amount of money is ever going to bring back a loved one or erase the trauma that you have to go through when you suffer a severe injury, you must get what you need to move forward.

When you hire The Winston Law Firm to pursue your case, we will do our utmost to ensure that you receive the compensation you need to cover medical expenses and get back on track to return to as much of everyday life as possible. We excel at resolving cases without trial but will never take a lowball offer to avoid going to court.

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