South Florida Truck Accident Claim? Let The Winston Law Firm Fight for You

If you live and work in Fort Lauderdale or surrounding areas, chances are high that you regularly share the road with tractor-trailers and other large trucks. These large vehicles are instrumental in picking up and delivering commercial goods in our area but pose certain risks to other drivers. Multi-vehicle car accidents are bad enough, but when a commercial truck collides with a smaller passenger vehicle, the crash can be devastating or even fatal for the people in the car.

Regarding truck accident injuries, the medical bills alone can be staggering. On top of that, many accident victims suffer a temporary or permanent disability that prevents them from returning to work and making the money they need to get by. The pain and suffering associated with being injured or losing a loved one in a truck accident comes with its own intangible but significant cost.

If you and your family are struggling through the aftermath of a truck accident, contact the Law Office of Andrew Winston as soon as possible. Our Florida law firm specializes in helping accident victims recover the compensation they need and deserve, whether through a settlement or a verdict that we obtain by going to trial. Rest assured that we have the experience and expertise to pursue any compensation you may be due.

How a Truck Accident Differs from Other Motor Vehicle Accidents

Truck accidents involve many variables that do not necessarily pertain to other accident cases. When you attempt to go up against a trucking company, you will most likely find that:

  • The trucking company has its own experienced legal team. Trucking companies are, first and foremost, businesses, meaning they are more concerned with protecting their bottom line than doing the right thing and paying you for your injuries. Because of this, they will most likely retain a legal team with ample experience with truck accident cases and may have even defended the trucking company before. You will need your experienced truck accident attorney to go up against this legal team.
  • The cause of the accident may not be immediately apparent. Truck accidents are complicated because there are so many variables and potential accident causes. In many cases, the truck driver may be to blame for being distracted, intoxicated, or too sleep-deprived to drive safely. However, some cases also involve a mechanical error, which could mean that the manufacturer produced a defective part or the trucking company was negligent in maintaining the vehicle. In other cases, the crew responsible for loading cargo may have overloaded the truck, causing the driver to lose control and crash. Your attorney at the Law Office of Andrew Winston will look carefully at the details of your case to determine the accident’s root cause.
  • Your case may involve statewide and federal trucking regulations. Although your accident may have occurred in Florida, your case will most likely involve local ordinances and federal trucking laws. You will need a Florida injury attorney who understands the legal ramifications of trucking regulations and how they apply to your case.
  • The compensation at stake may be larger. As we mentioned above, injuries incurred in truck accidents tend to be even more severe than injuries in car accidents due to the impact of the large vehicle. Common injuries include burns, lacerations, broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and more. You may be entitled to a large settlement if you suffered a severe injury in a truck accident.

What a Truck Accident Attorney at The Winston Law Firm Can Do

The attorneys at The Winston Law Firm have helped many other clients in truck accident cases. They are prepared to help you navigate this potentially convoluted and complex area of personal injury law. We will diligently investigate your case from every angle, which may involve reviewing shipping records, maintenance reports, and truck driver laws to determine if any third party bears responsibility for your injuries.

Once we have ascertained responsibility, we will work assiduously to hold those who caused your accident accountable for the pain and suffering you have unnecessarily endured.

At The Winston Law Firm, we know that there is a lot at stake when you file a truck accident claim. We also know that you are already under a great deal of stress as you work to recover from your injuries and move forward with your life. We want you to be able to focus on healing while we research every aspect of your case to build the strongest case possible.

As experienced trial lawyers, we are not intimidated by large organizations like trucking companies. We will not hesitate to take your case to trial if we believe that is your best option. You can depend on your personal injury attorney to defend your rights in court and advocate on your behalf with any parties involved in the accident, including medical billing offices, employers, and insurance examiners. Our compassionate and persistent legal team will fight for you so that you can concentrate on the important task of recovering.

Begin Moving Forward by Contacting The Winston Law Firm Today

If a negligent truck driver in Florida has injured you or a family member, you should not have to deal with the financial burden of your medical expenses on top of everything else. However, you cannot just wait around and hope that the trucking company does the right thing by offering to compensate you. You need to take the proactive step of contacting The Winston Law Firm so that we can begin building your case and doing everything we can to recover the compensation you deserve.

When you contact us, we will schedule a free initial consultation so that we can learn about the details of your case and you can learn more about our experience and track record of success. If you decide to work with us, your case will most likely be handled on a contingency basis, which means you will not owe us anything until you receive compensation for your injuries.

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