4th Of July Fireworks: Watch Out for These Serious Injuries

Every fourth of July, people come together to celebrate in the United States. Fireworks are always a big part of these celebrations. However, along with all this revelry, there is a real danger.


Fireworks hurt thousands of people each year in the U.S. The Consumer Product and Safety Commission reports that over 10,000 are treated in emergency rooms for fireworks injuries every year. And some

Hurt by a Defective Firework? What Floridians Can Do

Fireworks displays dazzle spectators and provide hours of backyard entertainment every Fourth of July. However, the same explosive power that makes fireworks so dazzling can cause serious or even fatal injuries.


It’s true — many fireworks injuries are caused by consumer misuse. At the same time, the likelihood of a firework injury can be greatly increased by a lack of adequate warnings or manufacturing or