Can You Sue for FL Personal Injury Due to COVID?


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently signed legislation that protects businesses and healthcare providers from personal injury lawsuits related to COVID-19. Finding a business entity responsible for COVID-19-related injuries was already nearly impossible—but this new statute makes even getting their cases to court almost hopeless.


New COVID-19 Legislation


Senate Bill 72, passed on March 29, 2021, is meant to protect “certain business entities, educational

FL Facility Offers Stakeholders Early Vaccine: Illegal or Just Unfair?


Many people are waiting patiently for their turn to get the new COVID-19 vaccines and following CDC distribution guidelines. Yet it appears that some people aren’t having to wait as long as others purely due to their wealth and influence.


In Florida, an upscale assisted living facility is in hot water for seeming to provide COVID-19 vaccinations for wealthy donors ahead of residents and

Summer Hotel Stay in FL? What to Do in Case You Get Coronavirus


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people do things, including how they travel. It’s now expected that hotels boost their cleaning procedures in order to help create a safe environment for their guests.


COVID-19 numbers are continuing to rise in Florida and there’s an inherent risk of getting sick if you plan to travel there. For those who decide to go and end

How Will COVID-19 Affect Medical Malpractice in Florida?


In Florida, COVID-19 is continuing to rage, with numbers going up each and every day. Certainly, it has impacted the everyday lives of many Floridians, but it also could have an impact on areas of life people may not expect — like medical malpractice cases.


Several states, as well as the federal government, have created narrow legal immunities for medical providers during the COVID-19

As Businesses Close In Florida, Will COVID Exposure Claims Open?


Cases of COVID are on the rise in Florida. As of this writing, over 100,000 people have been infected, and more than 3,000 deaths as a result.


Because of this, many are wondering if the state reopened too quickly. Some businesses have even decided to close again voluntarily, including Apple and many bars and restaurants.


With all of this confusing back and forth

Swimming Pools Are Opening… But They’re More Dangerous Than Ever

COVID-19 has put a damper on the fun in the sun this year, but with things finally opening back up, it’s time to kick off your flip-flops and take a long-awaited dip in the pool this summer… if you’re willing to risk it.


Of course, it’s not simply the pandemic that makes swimming in Florida dangerous — though it does add another element. Before you