Tour Bus Injuries: Claiming Compensation for Injuries


In July 2021, a dozen people were hurt when a trolley overturned in St. Augustine, according to the St. Augustine Fire Department. The fire department posted on Facebook that the twelve people were taken to a hospital with unknown conditions relating to this tour bus injury.


A spokesperson said that the trolley toppled onto its side while making a turn. While no other pedestrians

Can’t Drive or Don’t Want To? Seniors Still Have Options In FL

For many seniors, transportation is one aspect of staying healthy and independent. If they don’t have a reliable way to get to appointments or the store, then it makes it more difficult for them to stay in their homes as they get older.


Social isolation is a big problem for a lot of seniors, too, which is why even if you don’t drive, finding a

Florida Bus Drivers: Your District Owes You Protection This Fall


Shortly before our country shut down to slow the spread of the COVID-19l pandemic in March, a bus driver was injured in a crash with a landscaping truck.


The traffic crash occurred in Hudson, Florida, as the school bus headed home from Moon Lake Elementary School.


The school bus collided with a landscape truck at an intersection, injuring both drivers. The two students

Keep Kids Safe in Florida on the Drive to School



The back to school season always brings extra traffic, and unfortunately car crashes are the top reason children and teens die each year. So far, this year has not been an exception.


The first day of school for students at Rocky Branch Elementary in Oconee County was marked by eight accidents—seven in the morning and one in the afternoon. Thankfully, the sheriff’s office

7 Children Injured in Sarasota School Bus Accident

Putting your child on a school bus and sending them off to school without you is an act of faith. You are putting your trust in the experienced professionals who drive and maintain school buses. Expecting that they will do everything in their power to ensure the safety of their charges.


So when you hear stories about school bus crashes, like this one in early

Common Causes of School Bus Accidents


When you wait with your kids at the bus stop or drive behind a school bus on your way to work, it’s hard to imagine such a large, highly visible vehicle getting into an accident. And school bus drivers should be doing everything they can to prevent an accident—they are supposed to go through rigorous training because they’re responsible for transporting so many young passengers.