NYE Limo Wreck Your Evening? Filing a FL Injury Claim Won’t Be Easy

New Year’s Eve is a time to cut loose and celebrate the start of the New Year. Drinking is also a part of the New Year’s Eve tradition for many, and taking a limo is a choice that a number of partygoers make to stay safe… and travel in style.


However, safer does not mean completely safe. While most Floridians use limo services without

The Unexpected Dangers of Limousines


Thinking about renting a limo while you’re in Las Vegas? Limos are a popular way to get around town while treating yourself to a glamorous experience, especially if you’re headed to prom, a bachelor or bachelorette party, or a wedding. But these large vehicles aren’t as indestructible as they may appear, and it’s important to recognize some of the dangers associated with riding in a

4 Most Common Types of Limousine Accidents

Traveling in a limousine is a luxurious experience, and passengers often feel that because they’re in such a large vehicle with a professional driver behind the wheel, there’s no way they could get into an accident. However, limousines are big vehicles that have a wide turn radius and a large blind spot. They can’t maneuver out of harm’s way as quickly as smaller vehicles, and oftentimes