What Does Senate Bill 54 Mean for Florida Drivers?

If you drive a vehicle in Florida, you’ve probably heard the term “no-fault” more than once. Florida is a no-fault state, which influences how cases work if you’re injured in an accident.


However, driving laws for insurance in Florida may soon change the status quo.


Florida Senate Bill 54 seeks to repeal Florida’s No-Fault laws, and that would mean some serious changes for not

So You Crashed Your Bike…into an Iguana? Florida’s No-Fault Law


When on the road, you never know what is going to cross your path that could result in an accident – and that applies whether you’re in a car or on a bicycle.


A Marathon man found out just how unpredictable the roads can be when an iguana darted out in front of his bike and caused him to crash. While he certainly fared