11 Common FL Amusement Park Injuries to Beware


Theme parks are exciting places, and Florida has some of the best theme parks in the world. That’s why people from everywhere flock to central Florida and spend weeks at a time here, enjoying all there is to offer.


Of course, just like with anything, there are risks – even in places you go to have fun. These risks include the risk of becoming

ICON Park Death: Was It Negligence?

Amusement parks, particularly in Orlando, are seen as sources of joy and fun. But when things go wrong in these places, they can turn catastrophic and even deadly, as one 14-year-old found out.


In late March of 2022, a 14-year-old visiting Orlando fell to his death from a ride located at ICON Park. No official determination has been made as to the cause of this

Amusement Park Premises Liability and How to Stay Cool


If you are a Florida native, you know the conditions that summer brings. If you are a visitor who has never experienced a Florida summer, you will need to know the unique dangers of this distinct season.


Scorching temperatures combined with excessive humidity that prevents your sweat from evaporating? That’s a recipe for heat-borne injuries, that may lead to death, more commonly in:


As Travel Increases, So Do Amusement Park Injuries

By and large, when you visit world-famous amusement parks in Florida, they’re safe.


All major theme parks in Florida have to report injuries to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. The department issues a quarterly report that details all major injuries sustained at theme parks.


However, if you look a little closer at what theme parks must report, you may not feel

Hurt at a Florida Amusement Park? What You Need to Know


Florida is perhaps best known for its amusement parks. Every summer, tourists from all over the world flock to Florida’s legendary theme parks.


However, tens of thousands of visitors are injured in those parks annually, many of them seriously. These injuries can not only ruin a family vacation, but can also become a major financial burden.


If you get hurt at a Florida

Visiting an FL Amusement Park over Spring Break? Parent Safety Tips


Spring break in Florida is a time for fun, and many families spend part of this time having a good time at one of the many amusement parks spread across our beautiful state. Generally speaking, amusement parks are a great way to have lots of adventurous fun, and for the most part they’re quite safe.


Nevertheless, there isn’t one amusement park that is entirely