Injured By a Prescription Drug in Florida? Who You Can Hold Liable


Being injured is something that nobody wants to go through, especially if it is due to an event outside of your control. Unfortunately, taking prescription medication is a necessity for many people in Florida to help them live life to the fullest. Whether we’re talking about short term antibiotics or regular medications, it takes a lot of trust in the medical establishment to use prescription

Reasons Pharmacy Errors Happen in Florida

A woman in Lake Tawakoni tells of how, instead of taking the pain medication Gabapentin, she ended up taking Gemfibrozil, a cholesterol medication. All this happened because her pharmacist attached the wrong label to her medicine bottle (even though the bottle had the correct manufacturer’s label).


Unfortunately, her story isn’t unique. Prescribing errors like this one happen on a daily basis all over the world,

Top Errors That Florida Pharmacists Make


When you go into a pharmacy, you probably just want to get your medication and head out. We put so much trust in our pharmacists that we don’t often think about errors or mistakes that could be made when they are sorting out our prescriptions.


Of course, most pharmacists can do their job without any errors. If a pharmacist does make a mistake, though,

Pharmacy Negligence: The Elements You Need to Prove in Florida


Have you experienced harm due to a pharmacist’s negligence? In this post, we’ll detail how a pharmacy negligence case works. We’ll also tell you what elements you need in order to win a claim and receive compensation.


The Role of Pharmacists in Florida Medical Care


Pharmacists play an important role in healthcare. They dispense medications that could have serious or fatal consequences if