Injured By a Defective Product in FL: What You Should Do


People depend on a variety of products daily to keep their lives moving forward. Sometimes, those products can be defective and lead to injury. When that happens, the fallout can be devastating for everyone involved.


Victims may be entitled to compensation in cases where faulty products cause harm. However, it’s good for everyone to understand what hidden dangers lurk in consumer products, who is

Did Your Florida Holiday Amusement Park Visit End in Disaster? Fight Back


People flock to Florida from all over the world to go to the many amusement parks to choose from in the state. With so many people coming to enjoy these parks, it’s no surprise that amusement park accidents can and do happen.


Just a few years ago, Universal’s Volcano Bay water park was shut down due to electrical issues, and team members were taken

NJ Hotelier Forks Over $4.75 Million — Would It Happen in FL?


Hotels are often seen as a sanctuary. People stay at hotels to get away, whether it be for business or travel. Something about it makes you feel as if you’re in a protective bubble that blocks out the world around you, but sometimes reality comes crashing in – literally.


A slip and fall accident at a hotel in New Jersey has recently yielded a

What Floridians Should Do If They Get Hurt By a Defective Holiday Gift

As the holidays approach, families across the state of Florida are preparing to give gifts to their loved ones. More often than not, these gifts are beautiful gestures of our love.


Unfortunately, not all gift swaps go as planned. Defective gifts can quickly turn a wonderful holiday into a painful trip to the emergency room.


It’s not just lithium batteries and baby toys that

5 Tips for Florida Parents on Keeping Your Newborn Safe

Children – especially young ones – are extremely fragile. Millions of kids are brought to the emergency room for nonfatal injuries every year. Worse, fatal injuries are the top killer of children in the United States.


Luckily, there are all kinds of things that you can do to make your children just a little bit safer, and most of them are fairly simple and inexpensive.