FL Medical Malpractice vs. Medical Negligence: What’s the Difference?

Even the most routine medical procedure or exam carries with it some risk of error. When these errors occur, it sometimes warrants a medical malpractice or medical negligence lawsuit.


What many people aren’t sure about is whether their case falls under the umbrella of medical malpractice or medical negligence. What is the difference between these two things, and what can results can each yield? Read

What You Need To Win a Florida Medical Malpractice Case


People go to the doctor in an effort to get well or if they’re facing a medical emergency. However, what if the actions of a medical provider cause you more problems than they solve? In that case, you may be entitled to sue them for medical malpractice.


In Florida, there are specific laws that dictate when someone can sue for medical malpractice and what

Were You Treated by a Florida Doctor Who Wasn’t Fully Licensed?


You trust your doctor with your life. So discovering that the medical professional you trusted wasn’t actually qualified after the fact can be quite a scary surprise. If you don’t think this could happen to you, you may be surprised again.


Recent investigations in Florida revealed that as many as 1000 medical doctors statewide treated patients when they were not fully licensed. Some patients

FL Facility Offers Stakeholders Early Vaccine: Illegal or Just Unfair?


Many people are waiting patiently for their turn to get the new COVID-19 vaccines and following CDC distribution guidelines. Yet it appears that some people aren’t having to wait as long as others purely due to their wealth and influence.


In Florida, an upscale assisted living facility is in hot water for seeming to provide COVID-19 vaccinations for wealthy donors ahead of residents and

Five Types of Medical Malpractice in Florida


In Florida and across the United States, there are laws that healthcare practitioners or bound to. These laws work to stipulate the duty of care owed to patients by medical professionals as they are defined by care standards.


If a medical professional deviates from these standards in a way that results in the injury or death of a patient, then that can be construed

How Will COVID-19 Affect Medical Malpractice in Florida?


In Florida, COVID-19 is continuing to rage, with numbers going up each and every day. Certainly, it has impacted the everyday lives of many Floridians, but it also could have an impact on areas of life people may not expect — like medical malpractice cases.


Several states, as well as the federal government, have created narrow legal immunities for medical providers during the COVID-19