Understanding How Dental Malpractice Cases Work in Florida


Everyone wants a beautiful smile and a healthy set of pearly whites. It’s why most people make trips to the dentist’s office every 4-6 months, trusting that their dentist will provide them with the best possible care.


Unfortunately, some dentists fail to meet the necessary standards for care and treatment due to negligence and end up injuring their patients.


If a dentist causes

Patients of Dental Clinic Potentially Exposed to HIV, Other Diseases

A recent dental clinic failure may have exposed several patients to HIV, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C. Learn more about this story and what you can do if you are exposed to dangerous viruses while receiving any kind of medical treatment – including dental treatment.


Potentially Hazardous Exposure at University Clinic


The Nova Southeastern University orthodontic clinic at Davie recently failed to adequately sterilize