Four Must-Have Policies for Property Damage in Florida


Living in Florida is a unique experience. Many different landscapes, from swamps to oceanfront property, can be found right outside your door. While many flock to the state to escape terrible winters, the trade-off may be more than they expected. Weather-related events can be catastrophic in the Sunshine State.


Insurance is one of the most important purchases a Floridian can make. It offers the

Is the Cause of My FL Property Damage Considered an Insured Event?


So you have insurance on your property. Congratulations! You pay a premium each month with the expectation that you will receive compensation in case of damage to your property.


Of course, anyone with insurance knows that this contract between a homeowner and their insurance company is not so simple. Policyholders only receive compensation when damages take place during an “insured event.”


How Florida

The Most Common Types of Property Damage Floridians Should Watch For

Florida’s proximity to the ocean is both a blessing and a curse. On the blessing side, our state has thousands of miles of shoreline and is home to some of the most scenic beaches in America. On the curse side, as all residents know, we’re incredibly vulnerable to hurricanes and tropical storms.


Because of this, having property insurance (especially flood insurance) is pretty much a

What to Know Before Filing a Hurricane Property Damage Claim


Hurricane Irma was a massive, record-breaking storm.


Nearly 6.3 million Floridians were ordered to evacuate – one of the largest evacuations in our country’s history – and within the first four hours of Irma making landfall in our state, 1.3 million people lost power.


Let’s also not forget the torrential rain and fierce sustained winds and wind gusts felt here in South Florida