Worker’s Compensation vs. Florida Personal Injury Claims

Work-related injuries can be physically, emotionally, and financially devastating for individuals. In Florida, like in many other states, there are two primary avenues for seeking compensation after a workplace injury: filing a workers’ compensation claim and pursuing a personal injury lawsuit.

While both options aim to provide relief to injured workers, they have distinct differences in terms of eligibility, benefits, and the process involved. In this

FL Workplace Injury: What If You’re Self-Employed?


In the state of Florida, employers are required to carry worker’s compensation insurance in the event that an employee is injured. In those cases, worker’s compensation claims are pretty clear.


But more and more people are self-employed and do contract work or freelance work as their main job. What about them?


If you are self-employed, there are things to be aware of when

What Happens If You Slip and Fall at Your Florida Workplace?


Slip and fall injuries are one of the most common types of workplace accidents, and they are a risk in every workplace. In fact, slip and falls cause more than 25% of workplace injuries that lead to missed work.


Although many workplace slip and fall accidents result in nothing but injured pride, a slip and fall accident can lead to serious – or even