It’s Back to School Time! How FL Parents Can Keep Their Kids Safe


The back-to-school season is always an exciting time for kids and parents alike. However, with the thrill of new teachers, friends, and experiences also comes the responsibility of ensuring your child’s safety. 


Florida parents, in particular, have unique concerns given the state’s diverse landscape and weather conditions. In this blog, we’ll explore some practical tips on how to keep your kids safe as they

School’s Starting in Florida – Avoid Back to School Crashes


Although the back-to-school season is an exciting time of year (for parents at least), it brings a whole new set of risks for school-age kids.


School zones are a chaotic place during pick-up and drop-off of students. Teen drivers, parents dropping off younger kids, buses, cyclists and pedestrians are all confined to a few stretches of streets designated as school zones. Unfortunately, because of

Exactly How Safe Are School Buses in Florida?


Are Florida school buses safe for your child?


There are 23.5 million children who ride a bus to school across the country. You would think that those numbers would result in a high amount of injuries, but according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, it is 70 times safer for your child to ride a school bus as opposed to a passenger vehicle