Avoiding Common Pitfalls: Signs of Legal Malpractice in Personal Injury Cases


Personal injury cases are often emotionally and financially taxing, requiring competent legal representation to navigate the complexities of the legal system. However, not all lawyers are equal in their abilities, and unfortunately, legal malpractice can occur, jeopardizing the outcome of your case.


In this blog post, we’ll discuss some common pitfalls and warning signs of legal malpractice in personal injury cases, empowering clients to

Glover’s Attorney Did the Right Thing — Did Your FL Attorney?


In March of 2020, 26-year old Breonna Taylor was killed by police in Louisville during the execution of a no-knock warrant. This has sparked protests across the country focused on police brutality in communities everywhere.


In July, prosecutors in Louisville attempted to reach a plea deal with Taylor’s boyfriend, a man named Jamarcus Glover. He’s a convicted felon and police said they entered Taylor’s

Legal Malpractice Can Be An Unintended Consequence of Your Move to FL


Moving across state lines is a big event in your life – perhaps you retired, or are just ready for the glory of Florida beach life.


Besides that updated driver’s license and new plates for your car, and a brand new tax guy, you should also consider shopping around for a Florida-based attorney.


If you’ve been working with the same lawyer for years,

Suing Your Florida Lawyer for Malpractice? What to Expect


So your lawyer messed up…big time. This wasn’t just a failure to get you the results you want. It was a failure to perform the duties you hired them for in the first place — your lawyer failed to file paperwork on time, refused to return your calls or shirked other typical obligations to you as a client.


A negligent lawyer isn’t just a

FAQs about Legal Malpractice in Florida


People hire lawyers to help them with potentially life-changing events: criminal charges, lawsuits, divorces – if it’s going to have a big impact on your life, you can pretty much bet there’s an area of the law dedicated to it.


When someone hires an attorney, they expect that they are getting a knowledgeable, skilled professional who understands their particular area of the law inside

Beyond Your Lawyer: Who Can Be Sued for Florida Legal Malpractice?


When you select a lawyer, you are placing your faith in them as an experienced, knowledgeable professional. Depending on the specifics of your case, your freedom, future, and financial interests are likely to be at stake, and are dependent on your attorney’s competence. If he or she mishandles your case, the consequences could be dire.


Here’s the thing, though: it may not just be