Liability Insurance Laws Are Changing in Florida


It’s no secret that Florida’s Personal Injury Protection (PIP) statutes are riddled with problems. On the one side, insurers have complained for years about rampant fraud. On the other, Florida drivers have to deal with some of the highest car insurance rates in the nation.


The most recent salvo? The Fourth District Court of Appeals ruled that insurance companies are not obligated to fully

What Proposed Changes to Florida PIP Coverage Mean For You

Here’s a fact that we can probably all agree on: no one in Florida enjoys paying auto insurance. Despite laws that require every driver to have insurance, our state has one of the lowest percentages of car insurance coverage nationwide.


Why? Different people probably have different answers, but cost has to be up there. After all, the Sunshine State also has some of the most

How Does PIP Work after a Car Accident in Florida?

The frustrations of getting into an auto accident do not stop after your injuries are healed. For many people, filing a claim and waiting to receive compensation can take months – or even longer. In many states, drivers have to fight to receive damages related to their claim and prove that the accident was not their “fault.”


Not so here in Florida. Personal injury protection