Can You Sue for Your 4th of July Injuries in Florida?


The 4th of July is a time of celebration. Many families and friends gather together to enjoy a variety of activities, from boating to sports to barbeques to fireworks.


It is unfortunate that this holiday also has the designation of being a time when many people are injured either because of their own actions or the actions of others.


Many of the

What Florida Parents Can Do If Their Child Suffers a Pool Injury


Summer is almost upon us, meaning it will soon be time for families across Florida to hit the pool. Swimming is a great summer activity for children, but it’s also inherently dangerous.


Approximately 450 Florida residents die from drowning annually, many of whom are young kids in swimming pools. There are also approximately 300 annual hospitalizations for non-fatal drownings, and many other pool accidents,

Filters and Other Potential Pool Hazards for Kids


Now that school is out here in South Florida, more and more kids will be swimming and splashing around in pools to beat the summer heat.


Nothing feels better than a cool pool on a hot day, but even if your kids are strong swimmers and used to spending time in the water, there are still pool dangers you should pay attention to this