Common Types of Brain Injuries in Florida Personal Injury Cases

Brain injuries can be among the most severe and debilitating injuries a person can suffer. They can cause many physical, cognitive, emotional, and psychological impairments that can last a lifetime. From loss of motor function and memory to depression and anxiety, brain injuries can significantly impact a person’s quality of life. 


In Florida, personal injury cases involving brain injuries are becoming increasingly common, and it’s

Recovering Damages in FL After a Brain Injury

One thing is certain in life: You’re going to face challenges. But for victims of traumatic brain injury, the challenges on their plate may be more weighty than others.


A brain injury can impact your entire life and drive up healthcare costs, too. That’s why many people who have suffered a brain injury at the fault of another person look for legal remedies to help

When a Florida Slip and Fall Results in Traumatic Brain Injury


A former Palm Beach realtor recently sought multi-million dollar damages related to a 2007 slip and fall incident. She suffered traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries.


So far, she has incurred over $670,000 in medical expenses alone, and the woman’s injuries have also rendered her unable to work.


This is one case that certainly demonstrates how a slip and fall accident can lead

Learn How to Identify a Brain Injury and Get Proper Treatment

There’s a broad spectrum of symptoms associated with traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). A moderate or severe injury might lead to very obvious physical symptoms such as loss of consciousness or convulsions, while a mild TBI may only cause headaches and drowsiness. It’s important to seek medical attention for any type of brain injury, even if the symptoms seem mild or don’t appear until several weeks after