Florida Holidays See More Accidents — Here’s Why



The holidays are a time of year known for many things—presents, parties, and, of course, injuries. The injuries sustained over the holidays can be minor or quite severe, but statistics reveal that the holidays in Florida see an increase in accidents.


Injuries over the Florida holidays can result from an unlawful act or the negligence of another, which is why anyone injured in

Most Common FL Labor Day Injuries



Labor Day is a time to enjoy getting together with friends and family to celebrate the last days of summer before fall rolls around. However, just as with any other holiday, there are risks in celebrations where people congregate – celebrations that could end in injury or disaster.


There are many common injuries that occur over Labor Day weekend. You need to be

Easter Injuries: Common Ways Florida Kids Get Hurt

Most of us don’t think of Easter as a holiday when people tend to get injured, but every year numerous kids and adults are injured in festivities.


What kinds of injuries?


Well, an Oregon mom who alleges that she was pushed down and knocked to the ground at an Easter egg hunt suffered a torn meniscus and partially torn ligament in her knee along

Decorating Dangers: Common Injuries Floridians Should Know About

If you have been reading the news, you might have had a Christmas chuckle over the story of a Christmas lights display that became quite the prank. A man in Austin, Texas ran to the rescue after seeing what he thought was a man dangling from a roof, surrounded by Christmas lights and a ladder that had fallen over.


Turns out, it was just a

9 Ways Fireworks Can Cause Injury to Floridians


Fireworks displays can be exciting. Magical, even. Experienced professionals can do incredible things with fireworks, painting the night sky with brilliant pictures that rival anything an artist can do with a canvas. This is particularly true for kids, who tend to go wide-eyed at the sight of the sky exploding with colored lights.


The key words in that paragraph, though, are “experienced professionals.”