Hit-and-Run Incidents in Florida: Pursuing Justice as a Pedestrian


The warm and sunny streets of Florida make it a popular destination for residents and tourists alike. Unfortunately, the state’s beautiful weather and bustling cities also come with a less pleasant aspect – a relatively high number of hit-and-run accidents.


Pedestrians are particularly vulnerable in these incidents, facing serious risks when struck by a vehicle. In this blog post, we will explore hit-and-run incidents

Florida Pedestrian Safety: What Is the Law?


Pedestrian safety is something that is given a lot of attention in Florida. Why? Because our state sees a shockingly high number of pedestrian accidents and fatalities each year. 


This is largely because Florida was built with automobiles in mind. Our roads prefer cars to a ridiculous degree, often making pedestrians travel significantly out of their way to find things like crosswalks or sidewalks.

Pedestrians: Stay Safe on FL Streets

Even though Florida has numerous laws on the books that are meant to protect pedestrians and plenty of sidewalks and crosswalks to ensure safe travel, far too many people are hit by vehicles as they are walking here each year.


In fact, one report was recently released that found Florida to be the second most dangerous state for pedestrians in the United States. In 2021

New Year’s Eve: A Bad Time to Be a Pedestrian in Florida

Florida is a place people like to live in because the weather is generally nice the whole year-round. Even during the height of winter, when it’s cold and slushy in other places, Florida is just right. This is why you see so many people walking at all hours on Florida sidewalks – even late on New Year’s Eve.


The problem is that where there are

What Kinds of Things Cause Pedestrian Accidents in Florida?

Florida is a state where you simply want to be outside. Locals as well as tourists like to soak up the sunshine as they explore the great outdoors.


While this is one of the aspects that makes Florida such a great place to be, it’s also something that contributes to accidents, especially pedestrian accidents.


One of the ways you can prevent pedestrian accidents in

When a Florida Pedestrian Accident Turns Premises Liability Issue

Accidents are never simple. In fact, there are many circumstances in accidents that require professional analysis of many different factors, especially when the accident involves a Florida pedestrian.


Take the recent tragic accident of one Florida man who was struck and killed on Highway 29 as he was walking along the shoulder.


Neighbors maintain the intersection where he was struck and killed poses a