FL Errors and Omissions Insurance: What Is It? Do I Need It?


If you own a small business, then a lawsuit is probably one of your worst nightmares – and for very good reason.


A lawsuit can damage the reputation of your business and can distract you from the day to day operations that make your small business run. Add on top of that legal expenses and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.


Luckily, you

As Businesses Close In Florida, Will COVID Exposure Claims Open?


Cases of COVID are on the rise in Florida. As of this writing, over 100,000 people have been infected, and more than 3,000 deaths as a result.


Because of this, many are wondering if the state reopened too quickly. Some businesses have even decided to close again voluntarily, including Apple and many bars and restaurants.


With all of this confusing back and forth

Business Interruption Coverage: Important Terms You Need to Know

When the coronavirus outbreak swept the nation, businesses in Florida and across the country were shut down in an effort to control the spread.


For many Florida business owners, the coronavirus pandemic meant reducing hours, limiting service to take out, or shuttering completely. Now, many companies are turning to insurance companies to cover losses due to forced closures.


Many insurers, however, are denying coronavirus-related

Will FL Business Interruption Insurance Cover Your Coronavirus Losses?


In Florida and around the country, there is one pressing topic on everyone’s mind: the coronavirus. For many South Florida business owners, times can be particularly harrowing. Not only do they have to worry about the spread of COVID-19 among their community and loved ones, but many are also struggling with financial woes.


Across the state and most regions in the U.S., restaurants, bars,

Does Your Florida Business Insurance Include Business Interruption for Coronavvirus?


Last week, a bipartisan group of Congress members requested that property insurance providers retroactively cover claims for business interruption caused by coronavirus-resulted shutdowns — even if the language in their policies excluded such coverage. 


Unsurprisingly, insurers declined. As representatives told lawmakers, most business insurance coverage plans “do not, and were not designed to, provide coverage against communicable diseases such as COVID-19.”