What to Do If You’re Injured While Watching Your Favorite Florida Team


When you’re watching your favorite Florida team, you know that injuries come with the territory. Players get hurt sometimes, and the team just has to find a way to recover and keep rolling.

You’re probably not expecting yourself to be injured, though. Unfortunately, it does happen sometimes.


Below, we’re going to share stories of sports venue injuries so that you can be prepared in

Older Drivers: More Exposed to Injury and Death on the Road

According to the most recent statistics by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), crash rates differ by age group, and older drivers are the most vulnerable to be injured or killed in low-severity crashes. Here we take a look at the numbers and at how to recognize changes in your older loved one’s driving, in order to prevent a tragedy.


Vacation Accidents to Avoid (and What to Do If You Can’t)


It’s February, and that means that tourist season is in full swing in the Sunshine State. People from all over come to enjoy our comfortably warm weather, gorgeous beaches, relaxed atmosphere, innumerable theme parks, and other exciting destinations. Most of them are quite good at preparing for their trip (bathing suits, sunscreen, itineraries and the like), but there is one thing that most tourists forget