Four Must-Have Policies for Property Damage in Florida


Living in Florida is a unique experience. Many different landscapes, from swamps to oceanfront property, can be found right outside your door. While many flock to the state to escape terrible winters, the trade-off may be more than they expected. Weather-related events can be catastrophic in the Sunshine State.


Insurance is one of the most important purchases a Floridian can make. It offers the

FL Errors and Omissions Insurance: What Is It? Do I Need It?


If you own a small business, then a lawsuit is probably one of your worst nightmares – and for very good reason.


A lawsuit can damage the reputation of your business and can distract you from the day to day operations that make your small business run. Add on top of that legal expenses and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.


Luckily, you

Will FL Business Interruption Insurance Cover Your Coronavirus Losses?


In Florida and around the country, there is one pressing topic on everyone’s mind: the coronavirus. For many South Florida business owners, times can be particularly harrowing. Not only do they have to worry about the spread of COVID-19 among their community and loved ones, but many are also struggling with financial woes.


Across the state and most regions in the U.S., restaurants, bars,

Still Dealing with Last Year’s Claims? Could Be Bad Faith in Florida

Sometimes it seems like dealing with insurance can take forever. Those delays could be a result of your insurance company doing its due diligence in an investigation.


Or…it could be that your insurance company isn’t actually acting in your best interest at all. Sometimes a long delay in receiving your insurance settlement is a result of bad faith insurance.


So what exactly does “bad

Floridians Don’t Have to Wait as Long to File Bad Faith Suits


Dealing with insurance claims involves a lot of waiting. Even though we have email and instant messaging, policyholders still find themselves waiting for snail mail and other slower forms of communication for processing.


This isn’t just frustrating; it means that medical bills from the treatment of your injuries and other expenses continue to pile up, and negatively impact your life.


The longer you

Your Guide to Florida Bad Faith Insurance Claims

You had to go to the hospital for injuries. Thank goodness you have insurance, right? After you get home, you file a claim and wait to hear back from you insurance, believing everything will be fine…


…but it’s not.


The insurance company, for some reason, decides to reject your claim. You have to pay up. This can be devastating for families who depend on