Types of Insurance Every FL Helicopter Should Carry


Flying a helicopter is fun and takes a lot of skill, but it’s also risky. That’s why it’s essential to have the right kinds of insurance policy coverage.


Take a helicopter that went down in Miami recently. The crash injured the pilot — luckily he wasn’t killed. This is the type of risk you take each time you strap into a helicopter, though, whether

Florida Helicopter Crash Investigations – What Goes into Them?


Kobe Bryant’s helicopter crash touched us all. Even if you didn’t follow his basketball career or know anything about his other endeavors, it is easy to relate as a husband or father.


His daughter Gianna’s death was equally heartbreaking, as were the seven others. He simply put a face and name on a tragedy that the press might not have otherwise noticed, and so

Florida Helicopter Tours: Are They Really Safe?

More and more Florida vacations are including helicopter tours – there’s one for virtually every price point now. Don’t forget the old adage, though: “You get what you pay for.”


You might think that flight certification is flight certification, but unfortunately it’s not quite that simple. All helicopter pilots are not created equal.


The science behind how a helicopter is able to fly is