11 Common FL Amusement Park Injuries to Beware


Theme parks are exciting places, and Florida has some of the best theme parks in the world. That’s why people from everywhere flock to central Florida and spend weeks at a time here, enjoying all there is to offer.


Of course, just like with anything, there are risks – even in places you go to have fun. These risks include the risk of becoming injured at a favorite attraction. Believe it or not, injuries to those visiting amusement parks do occur quite frequently. Enough to compile a list of common amusement park injuries of which you should be aware.


Here are the types of things you need to look to avoid the next time you visit one of the many amusement parks in Florida.


Common Injuries at Florida Amusement Parks


The injuries sustained in Florida theme parks aren’t too dissimilar from those sustained in other types of accidents, such as car accidents. After all, your body is often being whipped around at high speeds in the same way it would on a roadway if an accident were to occur.


The most common amusement park injuries include:


  • Back injuries
  • Burns
  • Bone fractures
  • Amputations
  • Neck injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries

The above injuries are the ones most commonly heard about, but some other types of injuries do occur more often than you think, including:


Slip and Falls


There’s a lot of walking involved with theme park visits, so slips and falls happen more frequently than you may think. They lead to more injuries than any other type of accident that occurs in a theme park. They are aggravated by debris on the sidewalks, trying to avoid other people walking, uneven paths, and many other types of hazards that can cause a person to trip and fall.


Transportation Accidents


Large theme parks offer transportation to their guests, including many in Florida. Any of the types of transportation they offer can cause a person to fall – or they could be involved in a crash, leading to injury.




Wherever there is water, there is a risk of drowning. Many theme parks have water features or attractions that can pose this type of risk. If the conditions are dangerous, or there is a malfunction, then it can lead to drowning, and small children who cannot swim are also at risk.


Food Poisoning


Theme parks often have a lot of restaurants or concession stands that attract visitors. Thus, food poisoning is a concern. If food safety standards are not strictly adhered to, then patrons can get sick, and that can sometimes lead to life-threatening illnesses.


Florida Amusement Park Injury Attorney

Violence From Others


A lot of people visit an amusement park at one time, and sometimes tensions can be high. It’s not unheard of for one guest to attack another – or for a guest to physically attack those who work there. That’s why good security measures are key.


Amusement parks bring people joy, and they can make a lot of great memories, but there are dangers inherent in them, as well. Especially now with COVID-19, there are all sorts of dangers that can present themselves to a person in a public space. If you get sick or are hurt at an amusement park, report it immediately, and get medical attention for your injuries. If you think that you may have a personal injury case, then consult with a lawyer as soon as possible.



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