Amusement Park Premises Liability and How to Stay Cool


If you are a Florida native, you know the conditions that summer brings. If you are a visitor who has never experienced a Florida summer, you will need to know the unique dangers of this distinct season.


Scorching temperatures combined with excessive humidity that prevents your sweat from evaporating? That’s a recipe for heat-borne injuries, that may lead to death, more commonly in:


  • Elderly people
  • Small children
  • Persons on certain medications
  • Overweight persons
  • Persons with an alcohol habit

Regardless of your level of vulnerability, you risk passing out due to heat, especially in places where long waiting lines are common, such as an amusement park.


In this post, we will discuss tips on how to stay cool in the Florida summer. These may prove to be useful to even the most experienced Florida locals. We will also provide you with legal knowledge on whether or not you have a case for fainting from the heat in a Florida theme park.


Staying Cool in the Florida Summer


A simple answer would be to avoid the sun. However, we know the reason you are in Florida, as a local or a visitor, is to enjoy the sun. So, when venturing into the sun is unavoidable, try to take “cool” breaks. Wear colors that reflect light.


And use water to your advantage.


Oh, and wear sunscreen!


Use Water to Your Advantage


Water conducts heat away from the body, so treating your body internally and externally helps cool you down. These are some ways to use water to cool down.


Eat and Drink Appropriately


  • What you put in your body is critical to how it will fend off the heat.
  • Avoid heavy meals that are water-light.
  • Try to eat items that are high in water, such as salads and fruits.
  • Drink water, even when you are not thirsty.
  • Avoid dehydrating drinks such as alcohol and soda.

Use “Cooling” Devices


Personal mist fans, thermal-cool neck wraps, or facial spray bottles are portable, affordable techniques to cool down when feeling overheated.


Enjoy Water Play


Jump into the ocean. Dive into your hotel pool. Slip and slide through a water park.


Whatever is most enjoyable for you, have fun in the water!


Know What You Can Do To Avoid or Reflect the Sun


Know When the Sun is Hottest


Try to plan your outside treks to avoid the midday sun, which is between noon and 4 pm. If you are planning on checking out one of Florida’s premier amusement parks, get there early to avoid the crowds and the sun!


Plan Shaded or Indoor Activities


Many shows are under covered shade or even have an air conditioning unit. Alternating between hot and cool attractions helps to provide variety to your trip and prevent overheating.


Reflect the Sun


Wear white or light colors in clothing that fit loosely on your skin. Wear a hat or carry an umbrella to reflect the sun’s rays. Most importantly, wear sunscreen to prevent severe sunburns.


Do You Have a Case for a Heat-Related Injury at a Florida Theme Park


Do You Have a Case for a Heat-Related Injury at a Florida Theme Park


Thousands of people are injured at amusement parks every year, so can someone be held liable for damages when a park guest is injured?


A set of laws called premises liability is used to determine if anyone is liable when use of a building, land or other premises causes a personal injury. In cases involving amusement parks, this includes rides, activities, and the park’s general conditions.


If you have been admitted into the park, whether as a paying customer or through free admittance, the park must be kept in a safe condition in all aspects.


In Florida, where dangerously high heat is known by the amusement park to be a danger, they are responsible for warning their guests. Failing to do so holds the park liable if guests suffer from heat-borne injuries.



About the Author:

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