Did You Know Florida Car Accidents are More Common in Summer?


Summer is a great season. Kids are out of school, families go on vacation, and the sun is shining – even through a Florida afternoon rainstorm. Still, there’s one association with summer that isn’t great: an increased rate of car accidents.


The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety reports that drivers experience a higher accident risk in the summer, with June through August as the peak months. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that car crashes cause almost 30 percent more deaths in the summer than they do in the winter. Teens are most often the drivers in those crashes.


Here’s what you need to know about car accidents in the summer, including why they happen. Hopefully, with this knowledge, you can avoid becoming a part of a grim statistic.


More Teen Drivers on the Road


One of the biggest reasons for the summer increase in car accidents is simply that kids are out of school. More of them are on the road.


Teens are inexperienced drivers, and that increases the likelihood that they’ll be involved in an accident. Throw in the fact that more drivers are on the road altogether, and you’ve got a recipe for an accident.


Failure of Vehicle Equipment


Summers in Florida can get hot, and that can impact vehicle performance. Heat can negatively impact tires, and that can increase the risk of a blowout, leading to an accident. This, and other similar problems, contribute to the higher rate of accidents in the summer.




Everyone knows that summertime is when road construction happens – and it can impact a lot more than just your daily commute.


Changes in the navigation of even familiar roads can contribute to more accidents. Drivers may become distracted by these changes. Perhaps they’re lost or tailgating another driver when they’re late on an unfamiliar route.


When you really think about it, it’s not surprising that major construction on roadways leads to increased car accidents in the summertime.


More Motorcycles on the Road


Summer also marks a distinct time of the year when you’ll see more bicycles and motorcycles on the road. This increases the risk of accidents since it takes more concentration and intention to spot motorcycles and bikes than a car.


Inclement Weather


Summer in Florida means more storms. While many are quick afternoon showers, there are times when inclement weather bad enough to impact driving occurs. This will increase the risk of car accidents, even if it’s only slightly rainy.


The bright sun can also be a problem since glare can temporarily blind motorists and cause accidents in the process.


People on Vacation



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In Florida, a hotspot of tourism, more out-of-towners on the road can also amplify accidents. Not only does this add more vehicles on the road in general—but it also means tourist drivers are navigating places unfamiliar to them. All of these lead to an increased risk of accidents.


Staying safe on the roads in the summer may be a bit more challenging, but it’s not impossible. Make sure your vehicle is in good working order. Pay special attention in situations where risk is higher.


In this way, you can lower your risk of joining summertime car accident statistics.


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