Florida Parents: CPSC Reports Increase in Child Drownings in 2020


For many families, summer means swimming in the pool. During the COVID-19 pandemic, swimming has become an outlet more frequently used, and along with it, drownings have more frequently occurred.


According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, not letting your guard down around the pool this extended swimming season is as important as ever.


New data shows that many incidents involving child drowning happen at home in the summer.


Now, with the families spending more time around the pool, there is an upward trend in fatal child drownings. Luckily, these incidents can be avoided. Here are a few pool safety tips to help you stay safe during this prolonged pool season.


Set Up Safety Barriers


If you have a pool, then you need some sort of physical barrier such as a fence or wall around it to act as the first line of defense.


In some cities, municipal laws may mandate that you have a barrier and many home insurance policies require you to be in compliance with local laws in this regard as well.


In order to get a pool fence or barrier that is effective you should look for one that:


  • Doesn’t allow children to get through, under, or over it by themselves
  • Spaces in the fence should not be large enough for a small child to fit through
  • Walls with holes, stones, or cutouts should not be large enough to provide footholds
  • Gates for pool barriers should have a self-closing latch that a child cannot reach

It may not be necessary to install a hardscaped, permanent fence. Mesh pool barriers can fit the criteria if installed correctly. The big takeaway is that some sort of barrier is needed to prevent children from getting into the pool for everyone’s safety.


Secure the Doors and Gates


It’s important to think about all the ways a child can get into the pool from the house. Do a sweep of possible pathways and then do what you can to make it more difficult for them to pass through unsupervised.


A few things you can do to help secure the area include:


  • Installing childproof lever locks, sliding glass door locks, or doorknob covers
  • Considering gate alarms that will alert you to a gate being opened

If you’ve secured the area and still worry about a child getting through, then think about a pool alarm. This is an in-water motion detector that will let you know when there’s activity detected in the pool. You may also want to consider wearable alarms for little ones that are particularly adept at escape.


Take a Look at Pool Drains and Covers


The drains in a pool can create a suction underwater with enough force to trap a child below the surface, even if they’re a strong swimmer.


Make sure to install anti-entrapment drain covers. You should also ensure that all your drain covers are clean and not missing or broken to ensure that no one accidentally dies as a result.


Maintain the Pool Properly


Fort Lauderdale Swimming Pool Injury Lawyer


It’s also important during a pandemic to ensure the pool is maintained properly with the correct chemicals. If properly maintained, the chlorine in the water can kill parasites and bacteria, making the water safe for everyone swimming in it.


All pool chemicals should be kept locked away and out of reach of children. Make sure to store them separately from other household cleaning products to avoid chemical reactions that may result in combustion.


Always keep a material safety data sheet (available from a pool chemical dealer) on hand so you understand how to handle, use, and store these chemicals.


Pools are fun, especially when it’s difficult to get out due to COVID. They are also dangerous. So pledge to take the right precautions to protect lives and your liability.



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