Floridians, Maybe Save That Stimulus? 14 Tropical Storms Predicted!


COVID-19 isn’t the only natural disaster that Floridians are worried about this year. The tropical storm season is coming and 2020 is expected to be bad.


Up to 8 hurricanes are predicted, which is likely to cause untold amounts of damage. Insurers are anticipating a sharp increase in property damage claims from residents seeking compensation.


With the economy in the tank and millions around the country out of work, times may be tough. There are, however, a few things you can do now in preparation for any potential damages you incur from hurricanes and tropical storms.


What Can Happen During Hurricane Season in Florida


Seasoned residents who’ve been through a few hurricanes in the past know exactly how bad things can be and what to expect. But this is no normal hurricane season. With people already stuck at home and many running short on supplies and cash, it would be wise to start preparing early.


Some of the major issues that people can face during hurricane season are catastrophic damage to property. There are also health concerns, however.

People can sustain personal injuries during hurricanes that require hospitalization. Many will need extra supplies to get through the temporary interruption. All of these things add up to extra expenses.


With many people out of work, money is tight in households around Florida. But the new stimulus check coming may be just what you need to help you prepare for hurricane season. It may be tempting to spend that money, but it would perhaps be wiser to save it in anticipation of any expenses you may incur due to the hurricane.


What Can Floridians Do to Prepare?


There are a number of areas that your stimulus check could be used to help you mitigate any future expenses during the hurricane season.


Fix Up Your Property


Previous hurricanes have highlighted just how important it is to prepare your home ahead of time for storms. This can include making upgrades to your home or business to increase its resilience to potential damages during the storm.


There are a number of programs designed to provide funding for these exact purposes. Improving your residential or commercial property can help minimize any damages and subsequent repair expenses.


Purchase Supplies


Many of the necessary supplies during a hurricane are already in short supply. Everything from freshwater to medicines will be necessary in the event of temporary disruptions to supply chains. This is especially true during major hurricanes which can damage stores and leave cities temporarily shut down for repairs. Make sure you are stocked up on all of the important items necessary to get you through the days or weeks after a major hurricane.


Ensure You’re Covered


One of the most important things homeowners can do is make sure they have the correct insurance plans before damages occur. You may have property insurance, but does that cover all of the potential damages that can occur from a hurricane? Does your current property damage insurance cover flooding or winds? Now is the time to check this. If you aren’t covered, or if you are underinsured, it’s worth using your stimulus check to make sure you’re fully protected.


Florida Insurance Claims Lawyer


There is no way to predict just how severe the 2020 hurricane season will be or what damages will occur. However, one thing you do is prepare to make sure you’ve got the right insurance coverage. If you’ve done everything you can to prepare, and still run into problems with the insurance companies, know that there are avenues for recourse.



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