Is Your FL Home Prepped To Prevent Personal Injury?


Hazards can lurk everywhere, even in the home where you go to feel safe and

protected. Getting injured in your own home is bound to happen at some point, but it can go from “a little to accident” to dangerous if conditions exist that lead to the injury of someone else.


In Florida, the law creates protections for people who are injured on someone else’s property. Home, business, and landowners can be found liable if they don’t properly maintain their home or property in a safe condition for guests and visitors.


Here’s what you need to know about common hazards found in homes, plus what you can do to prevent injuries from occurring in order to protect yourself from liabilities.


Common Safety Hazards Around the House


It’s crucial that you do all you can to be safe in your own home. Some of the most common safety hazards identified in homes include:




Falling is one of the most common ways people become injured at home. Toys scattered around, stairs that are slippery or unstable, wet floors, and even uneven flooring can all be fall hazards that lead to injury – and a personal injury lawsuit.




Fires are a common occurrence in homes in the United States, even in places like Florida. Leaving candles unattended or even forgetting to unplug your curling iron can lead to a home fire that could injure you or your family, destroy your home, and even damage the residences of your neighbors.




Many common items found around the house can lead to cuts – some very serious cuts that require advanced medical care to resolve. It’s vital to keep anything with sharp edges in a safe location both outside and inside your home.




A lot of poisoning incidents occur in homes each year. There are so many everyday products in a household that can lead to poisoning if ingested – it’s no wonder this is a big problem. It’s vital to keep any potentially hazardous items that could lead to poisoning in secure cabinets or storage to decrease the chances of this happening.




Many Florida homes have pools, but it’s not just the pool that poses a hazard. Buckets full of water or bathtubs can also lead to drownings. That’s why it’s vital to have safety precautions in place for everyone around water, no matter what form.




The cords on your window blinds are a danger to kids, so make sure those are kept in order for the safety of your own children and any that may visit your home.


What You Can Do To Protect Yourself And Your Home


No one is perfect. Accidents do happen. However, you can make an effort to ensure that your home is safe as possible by taking just a few steps:


Keep People From Falling


Pick up toys on the floor, and fix creaky, uneven steps or steps that aren’t supported correctly. Do so both for interior and exterior of your home. Also, clean up wet spots and spills immediately to avoid slip and fall accidents.


What You Can Do To Protect Yourself And Your Home


Securely Toxic Substances


Keep the substances that could be potentially dangerous if ingested out of the hands of people by locking them up. Medications, cleaning products, and anything else that could be harmful need to be put away, far out of reach of small children and pets.


Put Away Sharps


Any sharp object in your home needs to be kept in a safety sheath, in its own secure location. This includes power tools as well as kitchen utensils. If it’s sharp, then it needs to go someplace safe where others cannot reach it.



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