Who Is Responsible If You’re Injured at a FL Airport?

Summer travel is right around the corner. That, combined with lowered COVID numbers, means that more people than ever will be traveling through airports in the coming months.


For most folks, traveling through an airport isn’t a big deal. But there are times when airports can become hazards to your health and safety.


If you are injured at an airport, who is to blame? And what are your options if you want to seek out damages? Read on to find out.


Common Causes of Airport Accidents


So, what sorts of dangers do airports pose to unsuspecting travelers? As it turns out, there are quite a few.


There is a wide range of accidents that can occur in airports for a variety of reasons. Neglected maintenance is one reason that people get hurt. Slip and fall accidents are quite common, as are elevator or escalator mishaps. These types of incidents tend to result in issues like crushed body parts, concussions/other head injuries, and broken bones.


Who Is At Fault for an Airport Accident?


After getting injured at the airport, you should contact a skilled attorney to help you determine who is liable for your injuries. It may seem clear to you who is at fault, and that’s true. These cases can be complex and must be evaluated from a variety of angles to ensure that the right party is blamed for your accident.


If it comes to light through investigations that there were unsafe conditions known by the airport which were not fixed, and that led directly to your injury, then you may be able to file a premises liability claim against those responsible. But if your injury was sustained due to an error in the design – of an escalator or elevator, for example – then you may need to pursue a product liability claim.


What Can You Sue For?


There are two types of damages for which you can sue another party in order to obtain compensation. They are:


Economic Damages


These are the costs of things like:


  • Medical treatment
  • Lost earnings
  • Property damage
  • Future lost earnings
  • Future medical expenses
  • Any other type of out-of-pocket expense related to your injuries

It’s important to keep track of your ongoing medical expenses related to the incident, as well as any earnings you lost due to being out of work.


Non-Economic Damages


These are the types of damages that are much more difficult to quantify because they involve things such as emotional distress, loss of enjoyment of life, or pain and suffering. It’s not unheard of for insurance companies to settle these types of damages outside of court, because, if it goes to trial, the court often awards more than they want to pay. Having an experienced attorney on your side can help you field any offers to settle out of court.


Airport Personal Injury Claims Lawyer

Florida Statute of Limitations


Another important piece of information you should be aware of in filing a suit to be compensated for your injuries is the statute of limitations in Florida. In general, the state requires you to file a claim within four years of the date of the accident. Failing to do so will mean you aren’t legally able to bring a lawsuit and get the compensation you deserve. So, the sooner you can meet with a lawyer after an airport accident, the better.



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