Florida Spring Break Injuries and How to Fight for Compensation


Spring break is a time to celebrate and enjoy freedom, but it can also be a time when unexpected injuries occur.


Case-in-point? Earlier this month a Ball State student was hit by a car that left the scene. Drew Akers was staying in Fort Lauderdale and crossing the street to catch a ride back to his hotel when the accident happened.


He sustained injuries from the crash, including skull and sinus fractures, when he hit his head after falling. His family expects him to have a month of hospital care before he is fully recovered. The driver of the car has not yet been identified.


In this post, we’ll explain the most common reasons people get hurt on spring break, and what you need to do to seek compensation for your medical bills if it happens to you.


Common Spring Break Injuries


Here are several common ways spring break injuries occur.



Tourists are often targeted by criminals who try to steal cash or valuables, often through assault. If you were attacked by someone attempting theft or robbery and you were injured in the process, you can seek compensation from the offender. You may also be able to seek punitive damages for criminal behavior.


South Florida Tattoo Injury Lawyer


Tattoo Injuries

Spring breakers often commemorate their time with a tattoo. But not every tattoo artist uses sanitary methods, which could cause serious infection and even permanent disfiguration. If your spring break tattoo went bad, you can sue for personal injury with the help of an experienced attorney who will know how to look for loopholes in the waiver you may have signed.


Car Crash Injuries

Traffic fatalities tend to spike between February and April in popular destination spots, during the weeks when spring breaks occur across the nation. Fatalities are more frequent among those age 25 and under and who are visiting from other states. The spike is not seen in places that aren’t spring break destinations.

If you experienced a car crash over spring break that resulted in an injury, you need a skilled attorney who understands auto accident laws in Florida.


Slip and Fall Injuries

A property owner has a duty to provide a safe environment for patrons. If the property owner acts with negligence and presents a hazard to you which causes an injury, you can sue on the basis of premises liability.


Here are several examples of how this could occur on spring break.


  1. You experienced second-degree burns because the hotel’s water temperature was unreasonably hot. The hotel may be held liable if they knew of the problem but failed to correct it.
  2. You broke your leg when you slipped and fell in a nightclub. The property owner knew people were carrying drinks onto the dance floor but did nothing to stop the behavior before the drinks spilled.
  3. You are shopping in a store when you trip on a loose floor tile. This causes you to land face-first on a shelf, which knocks out three of your permanent teeth. The store owner can be held liable for not fixing the loose tile.
  4. You are in a restaurant and walk in a dimly lit area where you can’t see water on the floor. You fall and injure your spine. The restaurant owner can be held liable for your medical expenses because the spill was not cleaned up or clearly marked.

A skilled Florida injury attorney will be able to help you know if your situation qualifies for a premises liability lawsuit.


Florida Cruise Ship Injury Lawyer


Cruise Ship Injuries

Many people enjoy spring break by taking a cruise. If you experience an accident on a cruise due to the ship line’s negligence (i.e. falling objects, slippery decks, or contaminated food), you can file a claim for compensation for medical expenses you incur.


Injuries on the open sea are subject to maritime law, which requires the help from a specialist. An experienced Florida maritime injury lawyer will help you with a claim related to an injury either at port or on the sea.


Filing A Personal Injury Claim


The first thing you should do is call the police if a criminal act has occurred. Also, you need to seek medical treatment immediately. This is the most important piece of evidence that proves your injuries occurred due to someone else’s negligence, recklessness, or intent.


It’s essential to call an experienced attorney as soon as possible after your injury occurs. Call us today for a free consultation. We will work hard to get you the compensation you deserve.





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