Tech to Make Your Florida Commute Safer


Looking to upgrade your current vehicle? Many car manufacturers are rolling out models with advanced technology to keep you safer. These new tech-based features may entice you to buy a vehicle that can keep you safer on your commute.


Head-Up Display


This feature provides information about your speed, the speed limit, navigation instructions, and more within your line of sight.


High Tech Seat Belts


Seat belts are one of the best ways to stay protected in a crash. Improved seat belt technology allows seat belts to stretch a bit during a serious crash. This keeps you from experiencing torso injuries from the belt itself. These new seat belts are equipped with special stitching that will give or extend in an impact.


Head Air Bags


These features provide excellent protection between you and the dashboard and windshield. Most vehicles have air bags in the front and side areas. Newer vehicles now have head air bags that deploy in rollover crashes, which are especially helpful in vehicles more prone to rollovers such as SUVs.


Automatic Head Restraints


Head restraints provide protection against neck injuries in a rear-impact crash. Some new vehicles have head restraints that automatically adjust during a crash to provide maximum protection.


Forward Collision Warning


Vehicles equipped with these systems will sound an alarm if you are not braking when coming up on a stopped or slower vehicle. With distracted driving becoming an increasingly frequent problem, this feature may be able to save your life – and the lives of others.


Automatic Emergency Braking


By 2022 this feature will be standard on most new vehicles. When the vehicle’s computer senses a collision, it will apply the brakes to minimize or avoid an accident.


Blind Spot Sensing


If the computer senses a vehicle in your blind spot when you have your turn signal activated, it lights up your mirrors. This feature is becoming common among new models.


Cross Traffic Alert


This feature is helpful when backing out of parking spaces. Scanners on your rear bumper look for approaching vehicles and light up or beep to warn you.


Enhanced Parking Camera


Many new vehicles are equipped with backup cameras, but some now have a 360-degree view that is even more helpful.


Parallel Parking Assistance


If you hate parallel parking, a vehicle equipped with this feature makes it easier and safer for you.


Lane Assistance


If you begin to drift out of your lane, your vehicle’s system will alert you with a flashing light or a sound. Some vehicles will even make a slight correction to stay in the lane.


Injured in a Florida Auto Accident Despite Safety Precautions?


Even with the best safety features, you can still get injured in an auto accident due to another’s negligence. What should you do if this happens? Fight back by filing a personal injury lawsuit to recover any damages that you have suffered.


Fort Lauderdale Car Accident Attorney


It doesn’t have to be another driver who caused your accident, either. With new technologies, there are always bugs that need to be worked out. If one of your new safety features did not work as advertised and this resulted in your injuries, negligent auto manufacturers should have to pay.




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